Street food – A Guide To Some Of The World’s Best Cuisines

Street food is the perfect way to experience some of the world’s best cuisines. Whether you’re in the mood for some Thai food, Colombian cuisine, or Indian street food, there’s a great little hole in the wall out there somewhere for you to try! But what makes a particular food “street”? Whether you’re looking for chicken wings with super hot sauce or vegan hot dogs and veggie burgers, street food generally refers to the foods sold by street vendors or hawkers on stalls set up along the streets of cities all over the world.

The truth is that there’s no single definition of “street food.” Different countries and regions have different ideas about what constitutes street food, but one thing is certain: the most popular types of street food are often the most simple and affordable foods available in any given area.

Thai food

Street food is delicious food that is prepared and sold by vendors on the street. This type of food is often local, traditional, affordable, and delicious! The most iconic type of street food in the world is Thai street food. This spicy, flavourful cuisine has been a staple on the streets of Thailand for centuries. Although street food can be found all over Thailand, some of the most popular dishes are satay (grilled meat on a stick), tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup), and mango sticky rice (fresh mangoes, coconut milk, and sugar, served with sticky rice).

Colombian cuisine

Colombia is in South America and has six regions (Valle del Cauca, Valle del Magdalena, Eastern Cordillera Oriental, La Guajira, Cauca Valley, and the Caribbean Coast). The cuisine of Colombia is very diverse, including Caribbean, European, Amerindian, and South American cuisine. Typical dishes include sancocho de gallina (chicken soup), sancocho de pescado (fish soup), bandeja paisa (a combination of various meats such as beef steak, chorizo sausage, potatoes, rice, beans, avocado, cheese, plantains and chicharron [fried pork rind]).

Indian street food

“Street food” is food sold from street vendors, hawkers, food stalls, or pushcarts, often from a portable kitchen. Indian food is a diverse range of regional cuisines native to India. The Indian subcontinent was home to several ancient kingdoms and empires. As a result, there is a wide variety of recipes in Indian food that have been influenced by cultural practices over a long period of time. The food cultures of the Indian subcontinent date back thousands of years and have diversified through a multitude of social and political changes. In India, each state has a distinct culinary identity that is unique to the place and the people living there.

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